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Vilma Grimbiorn (Ryndean on Wiki)
Moofin (Rookgaard)



March Content Update

The spider and Hydra populations have been growing and expanding around the jungle of Tiquanda and west side of Kha'zeel.
TThe Minotaurs of the Devourer desert have also found a new nearby location and began rebuilding and expanding their territory.
Pesky elves have been scouting and have built a camp nearby in Fog Bay, training their army to attack their enemies at Ulderek's Rock.
Female warriors have been sighted and the Orcs have been expanding their territory on Rookgaard. Including a few other mysteries to discover.
NPCs who sell furniture now also sell Hammers. Hammers can be used to remove some of the unmovable furniture in your house, such as Casks, Ovens, Big Tables. (Note that benches and counters in shops can not be removed). Furthermore, some new items, including the removable furniture from houses, can now be purchased from the shop.


The Dawn of Heroism

Dragons, being wise creatures, prefer to retreat when wounded rather than fight to the death. However, when a dragon is crippled, it is best to deliver the final blow.

The impact of the beast's fall was so forceful that it knocked me away and I tumbled through a hole that had been concealed from my view during the battle. Moments later, a rockfall blocked the entrance, sealing me inside and enveloping me in a cloud of dust. I realized that I had unwittingly stumbled into the nightmare realm that all heroes fear, and the cave seemed to pulse with a malevolent energy.

Suddenly, a voice emanated from the walls. "Welcome," it said, causing me to freeze in terror. The silence stretched on for what felt like an eternity before the voice spoke again. "Will you introduce yourself?" it asked, its tone penetrating. I hesitated, still struggling to come to grips with the situation. "Who are you?" I managed to stammer out.

"You know," the voice replied cryptically, and a putrid smell of rotting corpses wafted up from somewhere below.

Feeling increasingly desperate, I muttered to myself, "This can't be real. It's all in my head. God, if you exist, please help me."

Suddenly, the cave shook with a deafening voice that boomed, "I am God."

Dragonsfight.png Dampcave.png


New cosmetics in shop & contest!

New decorative additions to the web shop have been added. Check out the shop to see the new items available you can use to make your house really stand out!
Get in now to update your house for the Decoration contest


New areas to explore!

With today’s server save there has been a full map clean, as well has a wave of updates, improvements, adjustments and alterations.

Firstly there have been some adjustments to monster AI, pathing, targeting, as well as pathing in general and in addition, further improvements to the map click reliability for those using Nostlather OTClient. (If anyone notices any irregular behavior or issues with these changes, please contact me asap)

There have been several changes around the world. A small hostile elf camp has sprung up outside Carlin, the cyclops camp south of Thais has expanded, large wolves have built a den outside Ab’Dendriel, dwarves have invaded Cormaya and the dead have begin to rise in the Darashian deeper catacombs. A secret passage to the outskirts of Mintwallin and a way into the dragon lord lair near the Pits of Inferno have also been discovered.


Several existing NPCs in game will now also have some new missions to be completed for special rewards and unlocking new unique and custom outfits. A hunters logbook can also be purchased form these NPCs which can be used to track certain monster kills.

A Football and Ice Hocky arena have also been built in Thais. This stadium ma be used in future events, but anyone is free to play.



News for our Rookstayers!

Paulie has moved in under the Seymour's academy in the trading room. He will be able to change gold coins for you! With him he as also brought some depot containers. However, mailing to Rookgaard is still not possible.

NPCs on Rookgaard are also in need for a little extra money, so they have started renting out their own appartments! 12 Houses are now available on Rookgaard.

There are also some other secrets to discover!